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Admin-ist is a technology company that offers leading solutions in the occupational safety management of visitors and supplier company.

Euro-Line Health Services, one of the pioneers of the occupational health and safety sector, and its subsidiary in the field of technology, İsgDigiTech is a joint-stock company that entered the sector in 2023 with up to 7 years of product development experience.

It aims to provide sustainable and reliable solutions to its business partners with a model that is new for the industry.

Our mission: To contribute to the sustainability of businesses by enabling visitors and suppliers to manage their occupational safety processes easily and reliably, using up-to-date digital technologies, with appropriate budgets that do not require investment.

Our Vision: It aims to be a reference for the business processes of all stakeholders who interact with it.



  • 1


    Register as admin of the company that will use the system.

  • 2


    Register your company into the system.

  • 3


    Define the users who will use the system (approver groups, employees, work requesters, etc.) to the system.

  • 4


    As the employer, create the work call and specify the requirements. As the work buyer(subcontractor), add employees and vehicles to the work call.

  • 5


    As the subcontracting party, upload the required company, employee and vehicle documents. As the party requesting the work, approve the documents.

  • 6


    Make your evaluations and scores at the end of the work and prepare a report whenever you want.


System Design

Admin-ist is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution designed to understand the difficulties encountered in the management of occupational safety documents and to solve these difficulties. The platform allows easy use with its user-friendly interface and intuitive design. Additionally, it is regularly updated and improved to adapt to ever-evolving technology and customer needs.

Technical Specifications and Advantages

Admin-ist is a modern SaaS solution that offers high performance and efficiency using a solid PHP-based infrastructure and CodeIgniter framework.

Security and Compliance

Our software is equipped with the most up-to-date security protocols in line with industry standards, providing the highest level of protection against data leaks and cyber attacks.


Configuration and Integration

Admin-ist has a flexible structure that eliminates complex configuration processes and offers a fast and trouble-free startup experience for companies.

Support and Training

In case of any problem or query, customers can directly contact our experienced call center team and fully understand and use the platform effectively with a comprehensive video training series.


Admin-ist is a technology company that offers a leading solution in the occupational safety management of visitors and suppliers.



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Admin-ist Guest

Admin-ist guest module informs guests who will enter your company via online video and tests them. Each guest who passes the exam can log in to your company again and again for as long as you specify.

Admin-ist: The New Address of Visitor and Supplier Occupational Safety Management

In today's business world, occupational safety management plays a critical role in terms of the health of companies' own employees, visitors and supplier employees, and the sustainability of the workplace. Effective management of occupational safety documentation is an essential factor for the success of a business. At this point, let's take a closer look at the innovations and importance of our Admin-ist system in visitor and supplier occupational safety management.

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The Importance of Subcontractor and 3rd Party Companies Work


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